Frequently asked questions

No, we offer funded advertising packages to work with your social media posts. Our team creates and manages advertising campagins using a proven system to grow targeted traffic, conversions and sales.

Unfortunately, not, we are good at what we do and we take a value added approach to our work with a focus on creating long term recuring revenue for our customers. Our agency is small and we work with a limited number of companies in order to give the best attention.

You will see your sales grow within the first week but it can take 3-4 weeks to start seeing really good sales growth as we initially run A-B testing of adverts. It is important to factor this into affordability of monthly payments that are billed in arrears. We suggest a smaller budget to start with that can be increased as we start to see results.

We pay everything upfront and issue our invoice in the following month, you can choose to either pay the entire invoice or spread the costs by setting up daily payments with us using automated card payments on our subscription portal.

Usually within the first 90 days campaigns start to reach their optimum performance but sometimes this can happen sooner and often we hit ROAS multiples of 5 and 6 within these months. Impossible to predict but the better your social media images and content the better results we see.

These are the fees that cover our costs for creating eye catching adverts for various campaigns, we outsource some of the complex stuff to specialist firms, video and landing pages with graphics as well as continual email marketing by our team.

This is mostly our profit to cover costs for arranging and for upfront payment of daily advertising costs from Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc including data analysis and presentation into easy to understand, jargon free KPI graph reporting.

Two months is the minimum sign up period in order for our methods to reach the optimum compounded results. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our performance and continue with us growing the monthly pre-funded ad spend, so we can scale together.

No as soon as we hit ROAS of 3 or more and provided you can handle the increase in sales we will increase the monthly spend every month agreeing new budgets together.

This is based on the information you send, existing sales, existing digital marketing spend (if any) and growth capacity. Complete the application form to tell us more about your business and we can send you a funded package offer.

Yes we need the following for your recent sales month:

1: AOV Average Order Value = Total sales divided by number of sales to give average transaction value.

2: Average Gross Profit Margin = Total cost of products bought – Total cost of products sold (don’t include overheads)

3: How much more business can you handle?

We need to look at affordability levels to repay the monthly ad spend and fees, low profit margins will struggle with our business model but we are flexible and will often take an entrepreneurial view.

All other information we ask in the form is very general.