Pre-funded digital marketing for your
e-commerce business

We design your adverts and pay upfront for your social media advertising campaigns

You don't pay anything upfront, we bill you one month later

Monthly pre-funded social media packages from £500 -£5000

One of the mind-blowing facts about social media is that; there are nearly 3.5billion active social media users, and every 6.4 seconds a new account has been created. Every user has an average of 7.6 social media accounts. They spend around 142 minutes on social media every single day

About us

BluePig is a small UK based digital marketing agency with a difference. We work with small online companies to fund social media advertising in order to improve cashflow and grow sales. 

We pay your advertising costs directly and upfront, based on a pre agreed budget to then be repaid with our fees in the following month. 

We focus on Facebook and Instagram +Twitter & Tiktok etc. There are no upfront expensive setup fees with our service.

You can apply online and get started within 24 hours.

If  you are a new start up or an existing business looking to outsource social media marketing we would be happy to fund you with one of our monthly packages.

Digital marketing without any upfront payment!

Typically, we look to fund between £500 and £5,000 a month on paid social media. Often companies come to us wanting to add social media to their existing digital marketing without the large investment in upfront expensive fees.

Many social media marketing agencies will charge large upfront setup fees for advert creation and testing. Not with Bluepig, our fees are billed 30 days in arrears with the social media budget spent giving you total peace of mind. 

We don’t just run adverts, we add value by aligning our advert designs with your website and social media style. Our reporting provides regular performance updates for you to see increased traffic and conversions in order to grow your sales and make you more money.